Can low income people get A free electric wheelchair

Low-income people that need an electric wheelchair can get a reduced or even free power chair if they use the right resources. We explain what areas to search to help get a free or reduced electric wheelchair.

Can low income people buy electric wheelchairs

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Are you or someone you know living with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to get around without an electric wheelchair? Do financial restrictions leave you worried about whether you can afford a quality electric wheelchair? You’ll be glad to know that various options are available for getting an electric wheelchair at little or no cost for those that may be on a fixed income.

Whether through your local Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, insurance company, charitable foundation, or potential tax credit opportunities, low-income people can find assistance and peace of mind when searching for an affordable option.

In this blog post, we will discuss these different methods in more detail so that regardless of income level, you can learn how to access free or low-cost electric wheelchairs. 

Can low-income people get a free electric wheelchair?

Yes, low-come people can get a free or reduced price on an electric wheelchair. Many low-income individuals, families, or caregivers of those with disabilities may find paying for an electric wheelchair prohibitively expensive.

You might be surprised to learn, though, that there are resources available that can help get an electric wheelchair at no cost or reduced cost to even the lowest-earning individuals in the United States.

Find out if your dream of owning a mobility aid is more attainable than you ever thought possible! Below are some ways to get a power chair at a reduced or even free.

Medicare and Medicaid

For many individuals on a low or fixed income, Medicare or Medicaid may provide coverage to purchase either new or used power wheelchairs.  Electric wheelchairs for low-income individuals are possible if you know where to search.

However, not all power wheelchairs will qualify for coverage, so check with your provider before making any purchases. Additionally, there may be other medical requirements that need to be met to qualify for coverage through these programs. 

Used Wheelchairs 

Another option is to look into buying a used electric wheelchair. Used models can cost significantly less than new models, making them more affordable and accessible for those on limited budgets.  We get a lot of questions on how can I get a free power chair and looking for a used model can greatly reduce the cost that a low-income person can afford.

When shopping around for used wheelchairs, it is essential to ensure they meet safety standards and come with a warranty just in case anything goes wrong after purchase. 

Veterans Assistance Programs

Veteran with flag

If you are a veteran who needs an electric wheelchair, several veteran assistance programs may help you cover the costs associated with purchasing or renting one. 

These programs vary by state, so contact your local VA office for more information about what types of assistance are offered in your area. Additionally, there could be other non-Medicaid state-based programs available as well – again, check with your local VA office if you’re unsure what types of assistance are available in your state.

Potential issues with getting a free power wheelchair

Purchasing a used power wheelchair can be quite daunting to any buyer, as it usually presents several issues that must be considered before deciding.

Size is an essential factor when buying any electric wheelchair, and problems may arise when purchasing a pre-owned one, as the fit may not be the best for the user. In addition, batteries of older models are likely to last fewer charges than those of newer models, leading to decreased mobility.

Furthermore, it is also possible that certain parts needed for proper functioning have been worn down or broken over time. These are all buyers should consider before taking the plunge and investing in a used electric wheelchair.

Final thoughts

Buying an electric wheelchair doesn’t have to cost a fortune – especially if you qualify for any government aid or assistance program like Medicare or Medicaid – but it is still essential to do your research before making any purchases so that you know exactly what kind of costs are involved upfront and what type of warranty comes with it if purchasing used equipment. 

It’s also worth mentioning that depending on the type of chair you buy – whether used or new – the price tag can vary drastically between models, so always keep that in mind when shopping around too! Though, don’t let cost concerns stop you from getting the mobility device that best fits your needs!

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