Best Electric Wheelchairs in 2023

From lightweight to bariatric and everything between, we breakdown and review the best electric wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchair Review

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Electric wheelchairs are mobility aids designed with either four or six wheels that allow anyone with mobility issues a chance to gain freedom by allowing for a safe and stable ride up to 15 miles on some devices. Unlike mobility scooters power wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick and have much tighter turning radius that allowing them to be used both indoors and out. Francis Mima has been using an electric wheelchair for years and battles Multiple Scorious. “These electric wheelchairs allows me the freedom to get back out there and enjoy life. Whether that is in my house or outdoors it’s been a blessing.”

Choosing the best electric wheelchair should not be hard. We have done extensive product research and have listed the best electric wheelchairs in the most popular categories of bariatric, folding, lightweight, tilting, and more so you can make a more informed buying decision.

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Best Overall

Best Overall Electric Wheelchair

1. Drive Medical Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair

Price: $2,549.00

Things we like: Excellent comfort, drive time and performs great indoor as well as outdoors.
Things we don’t like: Lightest piece is still heavy making it difficult to travel with.

Drive Medical Tital AXS electric wheelchair

Why we picked it

The Drive Medical Titan makes our list as one of the best overall electric power chairs. The 7 seat combinations allow this to be a very versatile power chair that will accommodate many different users. It also features a wide range of seat depths from 16″ to 20: that many other power chairs cannot do. With a tight turning radio of 20″ this chair can easily be used indoors as well as outdoors.

We appreciate this type of customization in a power chair. With an excellent weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a drive time of up to 19 miles. This numbers should allow for comfortable and long drive times for just about anyone that uses this particular model.

This chair can be best for fit for so many users with different body types and needs. What are the shortcomings of the Drive Medical Titan? It is heavy with the lightest heaviest piece after detachment coming in at 87 lbs. This will make moving this chair difficult for those with limited mobility or strength. Also, those looking for a lightweight power chair for travel may find this model to be a bit too heavy for their needs. On the other end users that do not plan on traveling frequently and need a power chair for home use will find this to be an excellent model. Read our full review.

Weight of chair (Without batteries)171 lbs.
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Heaviest piece87 lbs.
Drive typeMid Wheel Drive
Top speed4 mph
Drive distance19 miles
Battery pack weight44 lbs.
Ground clearance2.50″
See the Drive Medical Titan AXS

Best Bariatric

Best Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

2. Merits P327 Super power Bariatric Chair

Price: $4,278.93

Things we like: Comfortable, sturdy, and has a high weight capacity.
Things we don’t: Expensive power chair when comparing it to other models.

Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Bariatric Chair

Why we picked it

Those looking for a bariatric electric wheelchair will like the features this chair has. First off it is strong and can support higher weights easier and more comfortable for the users. The captain style seat makes sitting in this chair really comfortable and can support weights up to 450 lbs.

This makes this power wheelchair one of the strongest and heavy-duty chairs on the market. This chair unlike others also has 3 different captain chair sizes to choose from win widths of 20″, 22″, and 24″ sizes. Just because this is a heavy-duty electric wheelchair does not mean it cannot be used indoors. This model has a great turning radius of just under 21″ so moving through tighter areas or crowds will not be an issue.

This model also comes standard with both rear and front suspension making it a very smooth and comfortable ride. This wheelchair also has great speed and distance with a range of up to 20 miles when conditions allow. This power wheelchair will allow for all day use for those that need extra weight support in a power wheelchair.

Weight of chair 281 lbs.
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Heaviest piece87 lbs.
Drive typeMid Wheel Drive
Top speed5 mph
Drive distance20miles
Battery pack weight76 lbs.
Ground clearance2.20″
See the Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Bariatric Chair

Best Folding

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

3. ComfyGO IQ-8000 Folding Power Wheelchair

Price: $1,949.00

Things we like: Airline approved, one piece folding frame, and easy to travel with at a great price.
Things we don’t: Additional battery is very expensive

ComfyGO IQ-8000 Folding Power Wheelchair

Why we picked it

When it comes to folding electric wheelchairs the ComfyIQ is an excellent choice. With a very low weight and great weight capacity this lightweight folding wheelchair checks off a lot of features in a folding power chair. Rear-wheel drive moves this chair at a top speed of 4 mph. While there are some faster speeds in electric chairs this top speed is plenty fast for most users. With a 6 lbs. batter the ComfyIQ can still get around 17 miles of drive distance on flat surfaces.

This combination of lightweight and long drive times makes this chair a top choice in the folding electric chair category. We love how easy this chair can be folded and transported and with-it being airline approved there is a lot to love about this chair. Even those looking for chair that can support weights up to 300 lbs. will find this chair adequate.

We feel after reviewing this chair it has a lot of great features for the person that is looking for a lightweight compact travel chair. However, there are some trades off comparing this electric wheelchair to other models. For one the seat is just not as comfortable as a captain chair seat on heavier models. With that said those looking for lightweight and foldability chair will find this model hits both points well.

Weight of chair (with battery)55 lbs.
Weight capacity286 lbs. | 310 lbs.
Heaviest pieceN/A
Drive typeRear-wheel drive
Top speed4 mph
Drive distance17 miles
Battery pack weight6 lbs.
Climbing angle max6 degrees

Best Portable

Best Portable Electric Wheelchair

4. Pride Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair 

Price: $1,949.00

Things we like: This chair is both TSA and FAA safe for air travel. Along it being easy to travel with its just as easy to fold.
Things we don’t: Drive times and speed are lower than competing models.

Pride Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair

Why we picked it

The Prize Jazzy Passport Folding power chair is a lightweight and compact designed power chair that makes traveling really easy. When folding the chair, it was really simple to close and it only folds in a few simple steps and users will find it really easy to fold. We loved the back seat pocket and the under-storage bag for holding your stuff.

This model also comes with a 40″ lap belt and large foot platform that helps with user comfort levels. We also liked how this model is safe for air travel and meets the requirements of both the TSA and FAA for a personal mobility device.

Weight of chair (Without batteries)54 lbs.
Weight capacity250 lbs.
Heaviest piece54 lbs.
Drive typeRear Wheel Drive
Top speed3.60 mph
Drive distance9.60 miles
Battery pack weight7 lbs.
Ground clearance3.00″

Best Rear-Wheel Drive

Best Rear-Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair

5. EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

Price: $2,579.00

Things we like: For its size it has excellent range and weight capacity in a lightweight chair. Also, we love the larger rear wheels for outdoor use.
Things we don’t: It could be a little faster.

EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

Why we picked it

The EWheels EW -M45 Folding Power Chair has a high weight capacity combined with a tight turning radius that makes this a favorite electric wheelchair for those that need a chair with extra weight support but is still easy to travel with. When we looked at this particular model the rear wheels stood out at 12″ making it tackle a lot of outdoor terrain but still manages to work great indoors because of its size and turning radius. To compare this model with some competitors this model has a weight capacity of almost 100 pounds more than comparable models. With an impressive 15.5-mile range and speed of 3.7 mph this chair can get you around safely and easily when out and about.

Weight of chair (Without batteries)58.4 lbs.
Weight capacity400 lbs.
Drive typeRear Wheel Drive
Top speed3.7 mph
Drive distance15.50 miles
Turning radius31.00″
Ground clearance2.50″

Best Stand-Up

Best Stand-Up Power Chair

6. Karman XO-505 Power Standing Wheelchair

Price: $14,870.00

Things we like: Well-built and fully power sit to stand power option, reclining leg elevating feature, and aircraft-grade aluminum frame.
Things we don’t: Extremely expensive

Karman XO 505 Power Standing Wheelchair

Why we picked it

This is one innovative chair that provides many benefits for its users. While this chair is expensive it has all the features someone looking for a full sit-to-stand power chair would need. With an immense drive time of 25 miles and the ability to get someone from the sitting to stand position in under 15 seconds this chair has it all. With multiple harnesses we felt this was a very secure chair while in use.

The safety belt goes across the lap and a dual chest harness helps to keep your upper body secure. This chair also comes with a lot of excellent features and health benefits like a fully control LCD display, full leg rest support cushion, chest harness, LED headlights on the luxury model, optional USB support devices, and a full sit to stand power function you don’t find on other types of chairs.

Weight of chair (With batteries)180 lbs.
Weight capacity250 lbs.
Drive typeMid Wheel Drive
Top speed5 mph
Drive distance25 miles
Turning radius25 degrees
Ground clearance2″

Best of the rest

7. Featherweight power chair

Price: $2,579.00

Things we like: Lightest power chair on the market. Great drive times and travelability
Things we don’t like: It could be a little faster.

Featherweight power chair

Why we picked it

The featherweight power wheelchair is an excellent power chair and could have easily ranked on our top list. In-fact it was a hard decision to leave it off. With an extremely lightweight overall body and the ability to fold and travel with this chair ranks this chair for many as a top choice. Weighing in at only 33 lbs. this chair is one of the lightest on the market when comparing it to some other electric wheelchairs. We found it outstanding that this chair with such a lightweight body can still have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. It’s both quick folding and airline approved making it a real winner in the lightweight electric wheelchair space.

Weight of chair (Without batteries)33 lbs.
Weight capacity250 lbs.
Frame typeFoldable
Seat width18″
Top speed5 mph
Drive distance11 miles
Turning radius35″
Ground clearance3″

8. Move Lite Folding Power Chair

Price: $1,899.00

Things we like: Very lightweight power chair with a large weight capacity.
Things we don’t like: Footrest could have a better design

Why we picked it

We picked this chair because of how light weight it is but still can hold up to 300 lbs. This is great feat in power chairs. With this model you get a one-piece folding chair that is airline approved and easy to transport.

We love how easy it is to use this chair and while it does not have as tight radius as a mid-wheel drive chair it can be used in both indoors and outdoors areas easily. When comparing this chair to the feather power chair it is comparable but with a slightly higher chair weight but still is a great purchase for those looking for an easy to fold travel power chair.

Weight of chair (Without batteries)50 lbs.
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Frame typeFoldable
Seat width18.5″
Top speed5 mph
Drive distance15 miles
Turning radius31.5″
Ground clearance3.5″

9. eVolt Traveler Power Chair

Price: $1,899.00

Things we like: Very lightweight power chair with a large weight capacity.
Things we don’t like: Footrest could have a better design

Why we picked it

Are you looking for a power chair that is lightweight, powerful, and affordable? Look no further! The eVolt Traveler Power Chair has everything you could want in a power chair.

This chair features two 250W motors that together form a 500W motor, so you can go anywhere easily – there’s no obstacle this chair can’t climb (almost all, anyway). It also folds down into a minimal size of 31″ x 25″ x 13″, making it easy to transport. Plus, the super lightweight of only 50 lbs means that almost anyone can lift it.

The price won’t break the bank either – the eVolt traveler is priced economically so you can get a great deal without sacrificing features when it comes to finding a modern and reliable power chair! Get your own now and experience all the features of this fantastic tiny giant!

Weight of chair (Without batteries)50 lbs.
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Frame typeFoldable
Seat width18.5″
Top speed5 mph
Drive distance15 miles
Turning radius31.5″
Ground clearance3.5″

Electric wheelchair comparison table

Electric WheelchairPirceDriveChair WeightWeight CapacityDrive DistanceTop Speed
Drive3 Medical Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair$2,549.00Mid-wheel Drive171 lbs. with battery300 lbs.19 miles4 mph
Merits Health P327 Super Power Bariatric Chair$4,278.93Mid-wheel Drive243 lbs.450 lbs.20 miles5 mph
ComfyGO IQ-8000 Folding Power Wheelchair$1,949.00Rear- wheel Drive17.5″ seat (55 lbs.)
20″ seat (61 lbs.)
17.5″ seat (Max weight capacity of 286 lbs.
20″ seat (Max weight capacity of 310 lbs.)
10 + miles / up to17 miles4 mph
Pride Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair$2,244.00Rear-wheel drive61 lbs.250 lbs.9.60 miles3.6 mph
EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Chair$2,579.00Rear-wheel drive58.4 lbs.400 lbs.15.5 miles3.7 mph
Karman Healthcare Stand Up Power Chair$14,870.00Mid-Wheel Drive180 lbs (With Battery)250 lbs.25 miles5 mph
Featherweight Power Chair2,579.00Rear-wheel Drive33 lbs. without batteries250lbs.11 miles5 mph
Move Lite Power Chair$1,899.00
Rear-wheel Drive50 lbs.300 lbs.15 miles5 mph
eVolt Travel Power Chair$1,899.00Rear -wheel Drive48 lbs.220 lbs.12 miles5 mph

Types of electric Wheelchairs

Best electric wheelchairs

Types of electric wheelchairs are designed for individuals with limited mobility, offering access to areas and activities that may not be available in a traditional wheelchair. In addition, these wheelchairs provide powered assistance from a motor and battery system, allowing individuals to navigate terrain more efficiently than ever before.

Folding electric wheelchairs

Folding electric wheelchairs are perfect for those who need a lighter-weight option that can quickly fold up for easy transport. These electric wheelchairs tend to weigh less than their standard counterparts, and the folding feature allows users to store them away compactly when not in use.

Tilt in Space

Tilt and recline electric wheelchairs allow users to alter their position while sitting in their chairs. This type of chair is often used by people with neurological conditions who require support at different angles throughout the day. It also helps those who suffer from poor posture or discomfort while sitting in one position for too long.

Sit to stand

Standing electric wheelchairs provide the user with an elevated seat position, enabling them to stand up straight rather than sit in the traditional slumped seated position.

This type of wheelchair is perfect for those with limited mobility due to arthritis, muscular dystrophy, or other physical limitations, as it can help improve posture and reduce strain on joints. Some models also come equipped with transfer bars or lifts, making transitioning from sitting down to standing more accessible and safer.


Finally, bariatric electric wheelchairs are designed specifically for larger individuals or those who require extra weight capacity from their power chair design. These chairs usually have additional cushioning, wider seats, sturdier frames, and higher weight capacities than standard models – all essential features needed when carrying heavier loads safely across rougher terrains.

Drive Types

Mid-Wheel Drive

Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs are a type of powered wheelchair that operate with two or more caster wheels at the front of the chair and a large drive wheel in the center of the chair.

This makes for an extremely tight turning radius, allowing users to maneuver around various objects and tight spaces.

Mid-wheel drive technology provides unparalleled agility and enhanced responsiveness when driving in smaller areas than a traditional rear-wheel drive power chair.

Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs offer several advantages over traditional rear-wheel drives – faster speed, better maneuverability, improved stability, adjustable suspension settings, and anti-tipping technology – making them an ideal choice for those who need greater mobility options in their everyday life.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-drive electric wheelchairs feature two motors and large rear-drive wheels. They offer powerful propulsion, stability, and excellent traction on outdoor terrain, while still being able to carry a large weight capacity. Rear-drive chairs differ from mid-wheel mobility chairs as they have rear-wheel drive instead of mid-wheel, allowing for slower speed turning when traversing more rugged areas.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is an essential aspect to consider when looking into a new power wheelchair. Weight capacity not only determines the amount of safe weight your chair can safely hold, but it also factors into performance and longevity.

Weight capacity is determined by many components of the chair, including frame material, drive wheels and motors, battery size, and seating system, among other things.

Therefore, choosing the right weight capacity for you or your loved one when making a purchase decision is essential, as it will ensure long-term satisfaction with your choice of chair.


Foldability in a power wheelchair offers numerous advantages to its users, not just in terms of increased portability but also convenience and autonomy. Foldable power wheelchairs can be conveniently transported and stored due to their collapsible nature, making them an invaluable resource for people who regularly need to transport their mobility devices.

Foldable chairs also give users more control over the environment they access, enabling them to move from one place or situation to another with less reliance on family members or car service.

With the flexibility Foldable power wheelchairs offer, those with mobility issues have all the independence and freedom they need, allowing them to navigate their daily lives with confidence.

Turning radius

The turning radius of a power wheelchair is the tightest circle it can make while turning. It is important for some users because it gives them an opportunity to maneuver independently in small spaces, such as hallways and bathrooms.

The turning radius determines what kind of power wheelchair works best for someone with limited mobility and space constraints. Some wheelchairs have a much tighter turning radius than others, making them ideal for people who need to get around in places where available space is limited.

Turning radius affects the overall size and weight of the wheelchair as well; heavier wheelchairs have less maneuverability, lower speed, and more strain on the user than lighter ones do. Knowing what kind of turn radius, one needs before buying a power wheelchair can make all the difference when it comes to independent mobility.

Drive distance on the best electric wheelchairs

Drive distance is an essential factor to consider when purchasing an electric wheelchair. Drive distance measures how far a power chair can travel on a single charge and should be considered when examining different models.

Drive distances between models can vary significantly, so it is essential to determine how much distance will be needed for the user’s daily routine before making a purchase.

Longer distances are typically provided with more expensive models, but the cost is worth it if additional mobility offers greater freedom and independence for the end user.


Power chair controls

Electric wheelchairs can offer a sense of freedom for those with limited mobility. They rely on the user to be able to navigate the device, which is done through the use of a joystick. These joysticks are often designed ergonomically, allowing an individual to use the joystick comfortably while they explore their environment.

Electric wheelchair joysticks come in various designs: some allow users to move around just by pressing a button, while others have levers or sticks that enable them to turn and control speed.

Some electric wheelchairs are even equipped with voice command technology that allows users extra independence when navigating their power wheelchair. Electric wheelchair joysticks give users great control and personal autonomy over their movements – something that all individuals should have!


Power wheelchair battery

Power wheelchair batteries are essential to providing the autonomy and independence that electric wheelchairs can offer. Batteries come in various sizes, each providing different levels of energy output.

Depending on the size of the battery determines the weight and drive time of a power wheelchair. Larger batteries offer more electrical output; however also make the wheelchair heavier, reducing the drive time.

Conversely, smaller batteries may be lighter but will also minimize drive time due to their lower capacity for holding a charge. The optimum choice when selecting a battery for your power wheelchair offers the best balance between portability, regulating expenses, and extended use or maximum miles per charge.


Electric wheelchairs can vary in price greatly, depending on the chair’s features and what the user needs. A power wheelchair can range anywhere from under $1000 to more than $20,000. On average, electric wheelchairs are typically around $2,500 and $5,500. Generally speaking, a power chair at the lower end of this price range could be considered “cheap” or reasonable for budget-minded shoppers. Electric wheelchairs that cost over that price is usually considered “expensive,” due to their higher quality materials and additional features not found on cheaper models. Ultimately, no matter your budget, you should know what features are most important to you and make sure you can work them into your current chair.

Finding the right electric wheelchair for your need

Finding the right power wheelchair for your needs is essential in ensuring you get the most out of your mobility needs. Finding a well-suited electric wheelchair for your specific needs will help you have a comfier and more efficient experience.

When assessing the various electric wheelchairs available, you must consider your lifestyle, budgetary requirements, and physical capabilities, as they will determine which type of power chair is best suited for you.

Finding a power wheelchair that works well with your lifestyle or that can be adapted to fit into it could make a big difference in terms of comfort, convenience, and overall user satisfaction.

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