About us

For those looking to purchase mobility aids like electric wheelchairs or scooters you might ask yourself which product is best? When purchasing a power chair or scooter you need to make sure it’s as best as possible in terms of what you need for you and your condition. This is why we started ElectricwheelchairReview.

Our mission is simple: Create the best electric wheelchair review site.

Finding the best electric power chairs and scooters shouldn’t be complicated or scary. We do the research, and you make the best choice!

What we do

Electricwheelchairreview.com aims at simplifying the buying process of today’s most popular electric wheelchairs and scooters. We do the research, so you don’t have. We spend a lot of time researching these mobility aids to see what real users think of the product.

These product reviews shed light on both pros and cons of a product letting us know what is liked and what can be approved. This data is then digested and put into a best of list so our users can make a more intelligent buying decision on power chairs and scooters. These in-depth guides help to streamline the buying process and give the searcher a good idea if the product will be right for their needs.

How do we make money?

We provide our information and guides for free. In return we make a small commission on the sales that come from our products when a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase from the retailer. This does not affect your price and you do not pay more when this happens. Affiliate commission helps us maintain our site and enables us to provide these in-depth guides for free to our readers. You can learn more about our affiliate disclosure by clicking here.

Our method of reviewing products

We start the process of reviewing each product by selecting a product by looking at dozens of electric wheelchairs and scooters to help understand and then determine what product will be added to our list. Next, we dig into hundreds of user reviews to determine if the product should be listed. Next, we want to uncover what the consumer likes or dislikes so we can document this and let our readers quickly understand the potential product’s pros and cons. Again, this allows our readers to quickly see what we like, or dislike based on hundreds of customer reviews.

Our team at ElectricWheelchairReview

We have a team of driven and skilled individuals who work hard to bring users quality product reviews that help compare products in different category groups easily. We work together to provide these in-depth guides so our readers make more confident and more intelligent buying decisions.

Freelance writers

From time to time will also use freelance writers that specialize in specific categories and contribute to making our site and content great. We appreciate all of our freelance writers and the help they give us to make our reviews as best as possible.

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